CHAD & VY vs Hacker for Safe House Location! Regina & Daniel Puppet Battle PZ Funf in Funny Moments

3 mai 2020
8 048 799 Skatījumi

After Chad Wild Clay made the video "HELP! CWC Trapped in the Underground Hatch Bunker Escape Room Beneath the Spy Ninjas Safe House!", Vy Qwaint created "VY & CHAD TRICK MELVIN PZ9 Into Embarrassing & Funny Situations Using Pranks Undercover in Disguise!", Daniel uploaded "REGINA & HACKER PZ2 Are Best Friends? Daniel Undercover in Disguise with Puppet on Funny Challenge!" to the Exposing Project Zorgo LVworld channel, and Melvin PZ9 tricked us into filming "CHAD & VY Join My LVworld Channel for Spy Ninjas vs PZ9 in 24 Hour Extreme Best Friend Challenges!", Chad and Vy agreed to do a collaboration video with PZ9. Melvin agreed to show them where the mysterious hatch girl Perlita is. Melvin, Chad, and Vy did fun challenges at the safehouse and finally can find Perlita before Project Zorgo does. If the hackers get to her first, they might make her tell them the location of the Spy Ninjas safe house! Also and old Mac computer is about to upload the location directly to Project Zorgo. Chad and Vy need to find a way to stop it. Regina is still being guarded in an undisclosed apartment by PZ2 and PZ Funf. Daniel tried to rescue her from their lair but ruined Regina's plans. Regina learned about a Top Secret Project Zorgo box and thinks what's inside could help stop the upload. Vy finds out she has to sneak into the Project Zorgo headquarters and take another secret box without getting caught by Burnface or PZ76. Can Regina get the box to the safehouse in time while being trapped by hackers? Will Project Zorgo learn the safehouse location? Will Daniel mess up again? Can Chad and Vy finally find Perlita? Thank you for watching my seriously wicked and funny entertainment action comedy vlog videos in 2020!
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  • I just saw a Camera what’s up you will get caught it was a team above you watching if anyone comes in and steal

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  • There was a black hacker Tesla behind vy when she was lock picking

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    • Vy Qwaint l went to prom to reveal my er boyfriend hacker crush at gkc school ch...

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