HOME ALONE vs HACKERS! Spy Ninjas Craft DIY Pranks, Traps & Tricks 24 Hours Challenge Field Trip Z

27 jūn 2020
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After Chad Wild Clay made the video "Is MELVIN BAD Again? We Trick Hackers with Daniel Drone and Give Lie Detector Test to PZ9 Lackey", Vy Qwaint created "MELVIN SHAVES His BEARD Transforming into PZ9 while Project Zorgo Hackers Track Regina for 24 Hours", Regina filmed "Drawing the SPY NINJAS Logo - DIY Arts and Crafts Challenge while Waiting to Trick & Prank Hackers!", and Daniel uploaded "PRANKING HACKERS Who Broke Into Our House - Building DIY Traps & Tricks Prank Wars 24 Hour Challenge" to the Exposing Project Zorgo LVworld channel, the Spy Ninjas set up elaborate pranks throughout the PZ Lackey's safe house, but are suddenly confronted by hackers! It seems Project Zorgo found the location because of a strange tracking device gadget that was placed on Regina's wrist by PZ members. We have no choice but to battle royale them away in the safest way we can. All we can do is hope that the dumb hackers run into the crazy contraptions we have laying around the house. From the sticky glue trap, the smokescreen canisters, trip ropes, and hanging buckets, the evil hackers have no chance against us. Will the hackers be able to overcome the challenges we have set for them? Are they trying to capture Regina again? How is Melvin trying to help us out with all of this?! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2020!
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  • Hey Spy Ninjas! Which trap is your favorite! Also, don't feel bad for the hackers because they are illegally breaking into this house... our traps are self-defense.

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    • @Ramiro Otero-Alambillaga esssss

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    • Hey my name is Katie I love you videos my favorite LVworld or❤️❤️❤️ specially specially because of us are small and that’s what I love about you

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    • Alkaline

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    • I LOVE YOU OK Vy Qwaint

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  • Did everybody know my birthday is on June 21

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  • You cânt go bicose rgina has the fing on har rist

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  • You can do it

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  • Why is going to be justin

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  • 15:10

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  • I love this video

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  • my favorite trapis yours vy also i think that the code for the safe is 493659 becuse i have seen alll the project zorgo videos and in alll the videos they say this numbers

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  • Hi I am so happy 😃 and you can go home

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  • Wow I love the spy ninjas

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  • Regina last name is genira

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  • So easy

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  • Take scissor and cut the thing you have in you hand 😁😁😁😁😏

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  • Hi vy and chad i like your pranks

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  • Projectzorgo has 100 million subscribers

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  • I like the way how Regina says get out get out

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  • I love the hottest moi

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  • 13:48 you cann clearly hear a mattres wenn daniel troughs the hacker out

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  • Buckit and the pull for more

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  • Stop being mean to the hackers

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  • I feel bad for them 😢

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  • Ok

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  • That green gloves hacker look like pz1

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    • Thank you for liking this comment

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  • Tat green gloves look like pz1

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  • I love my rad hat

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  • Regina is terrible at tennis the not even how you hit the ball

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  • Is the four feet tall

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  • I like the spy ninjas version of Home Alone it's like the original one

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  • I think that hacker that you're slimed was Pz 44

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  • The first one trap

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  • 2:44

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  • If I could look at the hackers I can see the identity

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  • The thumbnails is so cute

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  • I saw project Zorgo’s black Tesla.

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  • Even though I know this is scripted I still feel kind of bad for the hackers

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    • omg so true

  • Who else just wants to hug vy and Regina right now I would want to hug Daniel and Chad but they are boys and I'm a girl ♥️

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  • You like my Mom

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  • Where are the broken glass? 14:27

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  • I will come to you again on the next video

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  • It was hackers in the house the heck is in your house it was PZ9 that’s the only hacker I saw that green and black on i

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  • This is what you should call hackers project losers

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  • And i oop

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  • Lol the hacker on the cars was a real fall and I'm a big fan where do u liv3

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  • i like this house mabeif pz finds the safe house this can be the new safe house

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  • mabe you can get that girl to quit pz

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  • I love you Reginaand Vy

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  • PZ4

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  • SPy. Ninjas

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  • By use the all your car tape and use it on the hackers and there display they will fall for it tell chad that

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  • I love how the hacker goes badipadipadip

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  • my favorite trap is the sticky glue

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  • Are they real hackers or no in real live

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  • I felt like the hackers are faking it

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  • Let's get Vy Chad daneil regina mevin 1000000 SUBSCRIBERS and let's all get PROJECT ZORGO no subscribers

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  • Hi spy ninjas you are the best LVworldr ever and I am subscribed to all of you love you so much be safe ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

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  • That hacker with red gloves who got slimed is pz44

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