I BECOME BEST FRIENDS WITH HACKER PZ FUNF to Save Chad And Melvin From Project Zorgo Escape Room

16 feb 2020
12 032 714 Skatījumi

After Chad Wild Clay made the video "CHAD UNDERCOVER vs MELVIN CAUGHT on Mission Surprising Hacker in Hide and Seek Escape Room Challenge", Vy Qwaint created "HACKER LEAVES PROJECT ZORGO! Vy is Friends with PZ Funf after Testing Viral TikTok Challenges" and Daniel uploaded "REGINA REVEALS SECRET CRUSH! Who Knows Me Better Challenge (Boyfriend vs. Best Friend Valentine)" to the Exposing Project Zorgo LVworld channel, ex-hacker, PZ9 was captured by PZ715! Melvin is with Chad, who is currently hiding under a cheese cart in the Project Zorgo basement. He awaits Vy, Daniel and Regina's arrival to save them. Vy has a plan to enter the Project Zorgo Headquarters through the secret hatch, that only a tiny spy ninja can fit in. While Vy crawls through the underground tunnels Daniel and Regina hack the security cameras in the PZ Headquarters and see PZ Funf and PZ314. Vy uses her spy skills and ninja gadgets to stealthily sneak past these hackers, making her way to the Project Zorgo elevators! PZ2 enters the elevator and catches Vy! He calls for backup but due to the language barrier, no one understands him. Vy makes her way out of the elevator and finally saves Chad and Melvin from PZ715! Chad reveals that he found clues about the PZ Leader! Maybe we'll figure out his name or even see an unmasking face reveal. Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2020!
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  • I was too b a spy night

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  • It is 314

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  • I am biggest fan spy ninjas 🙃

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  • Can anyone tell me why the tunnels are boxes

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  • umm the vent looks like a cardboard box!

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  • That’s not nice

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  • Daniel is not the best hacker lol it was the wrong camera

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  • Pz2 is Rebecca

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  • I went to project Sogo's headquarters and I quit after I got some information I know Regina and Daniel's last name it's gizmo for Daniel and Generra for Regina

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    • We know that before u

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  • lol lol lol ewwwwww

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  • every vid has its like mumbling i only hear music and not the person whos speaking so pls react to my comment its dangerous

  • vy chad daniel regina this is important project zorgo hacked youtube

  • 1920 or 2134

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  • Pz Squire stand for

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    • Pz Squire stands for pz6

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  • Eeeeeeeewwwwwwww

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    • I

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  • Not bad

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  • i think Josefbanks is nit bad i think he is blocking pz2

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  • when pz 2 faint I was laughing

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  • block my sis cose she is a hacker misty southard is a hacker

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  • 14:27 Daniel:I jUsT sAiD tHaTT🥺 Regina:😁

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  • I 100% ship Daniel and Regina JUST DATE ALREADY!!!!

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  • Vy qwaint

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  • Hey guys umm oh yeah regina is the best hacking devision and devster is the best playing devision

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  • 3:20 worst editing

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  • Oh yeah we will you can even fit in there

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  • Vy: Water is not my friend. shower and drinks: wait-

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  • Vy you seen the top of the pyramid so you both Regina and vy has been to the top

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  • vy I said PZ Susan not PZ Susan PZ2 vy

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  • I love you V quaint you’re amazing I wish I could be in the spine Inges and because the Arabia I can’t

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  • Hacker in that room with with all those boxes he was just dancing to some music I was laughing almost the whole entire video I couldn’t stop thinking about it

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  • Vy: I haven't seen Chad and Melvin for a long time At the start at the video :they facetime Vy

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  • I love you so much. Vy

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  • Did you guys here when vy was talking about the hatch she did not say pz2 she said pz thu

    XxXtEnTaCiOn fanXxXtEnTaCiOn fanPirms 17 dienām
  • hes wat or you dowen pz2 is cot aed dot laf at me ok aed prams js lak tes naw luk hahaha nat lak tat ble

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  • Pz5 and pz314 has a meeting and relax pz314!

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