SPY NINJAS REVEAL SECRETS to PZ9 Competing in Trivia Challenges YouTube Rewind Game Remembering 2019

29 dec 2019
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After Chad Wild Clay made the video "FACE REVEAL & LIE DETECTOR TEST REVEALS PZ9 SECRET! Is Melvin a Liar? True Spy Ninjas Challenge", Vy Qwaint created "PZ9 REVEALS HIS FACE IF CHAD BEATS HIM IN A BATTLE ROYALE! SPY NINJAS Hacker Unmasking Challenge", and Daniel uploaded "FACE REVEAL of PZ9 MELVIN - Spending 24 Hours Unmasking a Project Zorgo Hacker Spy Ninjas Challenge" to the Exposing Project Zorgo LVworld channel, The Spy Ninjas decide that PZ9/Melvin needs a quick refresher on all the events that happened in 2019. Not only his brain, but Regina AND Daniel's memories may have been compromised. From the different safe houses to the crazy adventures the team has been on, there are A LOT of events that even the most devoted Spy Ninja may have forgotten or missed. To see how well Melvin can fit in with the Spy Ninjas, they turn this moment of reminiscing into a trivia challenge! 2019 has had numerous battle royales, new hackers, dangerous stunts and activities, and of course, Project Zorgo ordeals. Will the growing team be able to handle the new year? Will the new year bring new problems? Can Project Zorgo be defeated in 2020? Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2019, and we will see you in three days on January 1st, 2020!
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  • Daniel It was kind of disgusting when your face Was blurred

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  • Pz9 are you a spy ninja now

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  • Piggy PZ9

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  • LVworld is it allowing me to call my on most of the videos do you think that's project zorgo

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  • Omg chad has a mustache!😱

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  • Project Zorgo will never defeat 2020 because Project Zorgo is always pooping lol

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  • Hey im a kid ok im not gonna commen that i see in the videos becouse you dont want me to comment in crying aaaaaaaaaa 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

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  • i love the spy ninjas im a big fan

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  • I am puzzle is that it’s not the

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  • Hey do you know moved in and Daniel and Regina are you kids yes my friend

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  • The filmers actually have to say they WANT or DO NOT WANT to put comments. You have to choose if you want to put comments so it’s the filmers choose that

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  • Hey it’s me Xzavien from the last video that I sent you a message about project Zorgo is taking over your your safe house and it’s haunted but project Zorgo when the last video in your arm your spy ninjas the hacker mask while clear he hacker he said he was gonna know we know he was trying to take over no someone said from LVworldrs it be quiet wants to join projectAnd it was a secret so so version because mines didn’t want to tell you because it was a secret and I just noticed she wants to join project Zorgo but but when she told you the secret wants to join project Zorgo I can’t believe she actually join project Zorgo just for the safe and I know it’s safe for the I think I know the safety of alone I think it’s I think it’s 37689

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  • Iv watch you guys for 8 years

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  • Sevenly butterfly Farms is Joey I saw his face afford I watch some videos

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    • EMMA ((*`;7ygyggygyyhuuhhhhug6ggttd4d4des4

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  • chad and vy hi

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  • Chad vy Danny boy Regina the code to the safe is 3131492

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  • You are amazing🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩!!!!

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  • 17:54 Chad: 2020 is gonna be amazing!! Me: more like 2020 is gonna be the worst!!

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    • 30 𝖒𝖎𝖓

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  • Is this how Daniel eat a banana

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