WE'RE LOCKED OUT! Vy Defeated In Safe House by Mystery Person with Traps & Funny Pranks Challenge

3 sep 2020
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After Chad Wild Clay made "NEW HACKER MASK In Red Safe Made REGINA DISAPPEAR! Spy Ninjas Mission Kit vs Project Zorgo Battle", Vy Qwaint created "RED SAFES OPEN! Spy Ninjas Trapped in Hacker House vs Extreme Hide & Seek Challenge!", and Daniel uploaded "HACKERS in HELLO NEIGHBOR Game? I Found Red Safe in Hide and Seek Challenge vs Escape Project Zorgo!", we did a 45ft drop test on the red safes to find out what's inside! We revealed that brand new top secret Project Zorgo hacker masks! Regina wore the mask as though she was going in disguise undercover. But instead, she went crazy and ran away! We chased her until she did a disappearing magic trick! Where is her location? After challenging hackers to a Battle Royale we found somebody inside our safe house! Who is it? Is it PZ9 Melvin or a new mysterious person? Did the hackers finally discover the safe house location? We used our Spy Ninja sneaking skills to have Vy use her lock picking skills to get in. But we were attacked by water balloons! We dodged them! Then nerf blasters flew at us. Our house was set up with traps and pranks! Vy even got knocked over by a bucket and then got a pizza face prank. We hacked the new hacker masks to see a live stream security camera of Regina at the black pyramid. She's trying to get to the top! Is that where the leader is? We are so close to defeating Project Zorgo but we need to capture this prankster! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2020!
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