WHO IS THIS NEW HACKER? Spy Ninjas Battle Royale & Hide and Seek To Help Friend Melvin PZ9 Escape!

2 jūl 2020
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After Chad Wild Clay made "Did MELVIN Transform into PZ9? I Surprised Best Friend with Undercover Escape from Custom PZ Hackers", Vy Qwaint created "HOME ALONE vs HACKERS! Spy Ninjas Craft DIY Pranks, Traps & Tricks 24 Hours Challenge Field Trip Z", Regina vlogged "Drawing the SPY NINJAS Logo - DIY Arts and Crafts Challenge while Waiting to Trick & Prank Hackers!", and Daniel uploaded "PRANKING HACKERS Who Broke Into Our House - Building DIY Traps & Tricks Prank Wars 24 Hour Challenge" to the Exposing Project Zorgo LVworld channel, we snuck into a welcome ceremony party event for Melvin. He rejoined Project Zorgo as the evil hacker PZ9. Is he just pulling a prank and tricking the hackers? Is he actually bad? We had to go undercover as construction workers to rescue or buddy Melvin and we hope he is not changed back into PZ9. We decide to make Melvin watch his old fun LVworld videos to get his memory back and prove that he is on our side! We had an idea to show him our Come Back Chad Spy Ninjas Music Video and other funny challenge game videos. But first, we need to find his location! We ran into some hackers and had battle royales and eventually got trapped in an escape room for 24 hours! Thankfully, Vy's hacker crush best friend came to the rescue to save us! There is this new mysterious hacker who appeared. He is wearing a cloak and a black mask. Who is he? What is this hacker's name and identity? Maybe we should do a face reveal unmasking soon! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2020!
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  • Hey Spy Ninjas! We need to battle our way out of this underground PZ headquarters! Who do you think this new hacker is? I've never seen him before...

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    • Are those hackers even real

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    • Hi Vy

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  • I can't believe that happened

    Mason BarrettMason BarrettPirms 2 dienām
  • Hi Chad , vy ,Regina and Daniel you are my favorite LVworldrs I think the code to the red safe is 1593

    Razan JamaleddineRazan JamaleddinePirms 2 dienām
  • Yas

    Brader BBrader BPirms 2 dienām
  • Get pz9s mask

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  • pz9 is bad Know

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  • Hi

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  • Vy are you okay

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  • Is the clouker

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  • Your awesome vy

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  • He is the cloaker

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  • Uy Chuck Queen

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  • nothing you can do to get back melvin :(

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  • wen is vy gona get 10m

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  • hi vy i bouht merch every thing vy your my favorite spy Ninja i am your guys biggest fan

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  • that new hacker is..... CLOAKER

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  • 6:14 vy:breath in breath ou- Daniel:*burb*

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  • Chad u 1000IQ get in shopping cart

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  • You have to be a spy ninja🥺🥺Melvin 😡😡😡😡😡😡

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  • I love chad and vy

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  • 9:26 Chad sounds like from the Wild West

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  • This is a awesome video

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  • That is the cloaker he is a bad hacker he can figth and battle 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

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  • Who the black and gold hacker?

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  • 🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥐

    Blessing JamesBlessing JamesPirms 12 dienām
  • He is gonna to tem up

    Blessing JamesBlessing JamesPirms 12 dienām
  • Cloker

    AS - 02SA 895442 Pte Buckam Singh PSAS - 02SA 895442 Pte Buckam Singh PSPirms 12 dienām
  • I saw a hacker behind you

    Camden ScharrerCamden ScharrerPirms 13 dienām
  • Me

    gold melongold melonPirms 13 dienām
  • Slender

    gold melongold melonPirms 13 dienām
  • 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐱🐱🐶🐶🐱🐶🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱

    MrPauliejonesMrPauliejonesPirms 13 dienām
  • >

    KKJGamingKKJGamingPirms 13 dienām
  • PZ9. is. Bad

    Nathalie LabradorNathalie LabradorPirms 14 dienām
  • I love how Daniel says” My leg” It is really funny flashback to the times Faniel said my leg.

    Bryan and Sheryl SolisBryan and Sheryl SolisPirms 15 dienām
  • I agree with vy

    Fatima AbdullaFatima AbdullaPirms 15 dienām
  • His name is Kloecker

    Rasmi AbdiRasmi AbdiPirms 16 dienām
  • 176176

  • I love Vy Qwaint

    Habeel ShahHabeel ShahPirms 17 dienām
  • vANESsA

    adisa husicadisa husicPirms 17 dienām
    • VANESSA 179283

      adisa husicadisa husicPirms 17 dienām
  • Riley

    Erin McNeilErin McNeilPirms 18 dienām
  • F

    Abbas EesaAbbas EesaPirms 18 dienām
  • I wish I was a spy ninja

    Daiyan AbbasiDaiyan AbbasiPirms 18 dienām
  • Shut it

    May-line HellevikMay-line HellevikPirms 19 dienām
  • 6:39 what was that vy?

    Please Do itPlease Do itPirms 20 dienām
  • 🤔🤔🤔

    Sidney HolubovaSidney HolubovaPirms 20 dienām
  • Hacker is Kloecker

    Prinali LalPrinali LalPirms 21 dienas
    • XD u mean clocker

      ThE True YoUThE True YoUPirms 20 dienām
  • I have the Strongest bite if I were in the spy ninjas I would have bite hackers

    Prinali LalPrinali LalPirms 21 dienas
  • I have an idea to bring Melvin back Regina use your hacking skills to reverse the machine then yous it

    Riham AlchahinRiham AlchahinPirms 21 dienas
  • Chad and Daniel said My leg

    Kochchanipa not good Kwangkeeree yes fortniteKochchanipa not good Kwangkeeree yes fortnitePirms 21 dienas
  • Hehehehehehehe

    Ahmar FNAhmar FNPirms 21 dienas
  • I m hacker for life

    Ahmar FNAhmar FNPirms 21 dienas
  • Pz9 is a🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦑🦑🦑🦑🦑🦑🦑🦑🦑🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🦂🦂🦂🦂🦂🦂🕷️🕷️🕷️🕷️🐡🐡🐡🐡🦈🐬🐋🐳🐳🐋🐬🦈🦈🐬🐋🐳🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

    Chris DonsonChris DonsonPirms 22 dienām
  • Are you ok

    Lexie FletcherLexie FletcherPirms 22 dienām
  • Wow pz9 has so many nerf rival blasters 😱😱😱

    alex halimalex halimPirms 22 dienām
  • cloaker

    Taylor JonierTaylor JonierPirms 23 dienām
  • Thank the people for their birthday present birthday to the best of my birthday present ever for my best

    Sumana BaruaSumana BaruaPirms 23 dienām
  • Thank the very happy birthday for my family happy happy new day birthday and will see what we will be together to you

    Sumana BaruaSumana BaruaPirms 23 dienām
  • Hi am I just wondering if I have a meeting tomorrow morning at three I am not sure what you want me and you have to be UIC tomorrow and you have made it to your house

    Sumana BaruaSumana BaruaPirms 23 dienām
  • Thank the developers that have made you look great and will be the only thing that will change your mind when I have to do

    Sumana BaruaSumana BaruaPirms 23 dienām
  • Hi you Thank goodness ui

    Sumana BaruaSumana BaruaPirms 23 dienām
  • I no the other hacker is the cloacker

    Merasol CabaleMerasol CabalePirms 23 dienām
  • Oh no

    Jolie ZakharyJolie ZakharyPirms 24 dienām
  • Daniel you r useless

    LEI WING LAN MoeLEI WING LAN MoePirms 24 dienām
  • Find your car

    musarat aslammusarat aslamPirms 24 dienām
    • A mistake

      musarat aslammusarat aslamPirms 24 dienām
  • I think its clocker

    its me maliahits me maliahPirms 25 dienām