Wild CHAD Goes CRAZY in MONSTER FIGHT Against Spy Ninja Friends After Fortnite Trick & Tik Tok Prank

5 apr 2020
16 782 168 Skatījumi

After Chad Wild Clay made the video "HACKERS Stole my FORTNITE V-BUCKS to Buy New Deadpool Skin Unlock Event Challenges Battle Royale IRL", Vy Qwaint created "FORTNITE vs SPY NINJAS in New Battle Royale Epic Gaming Event & Funny CWC Vy Qwaint Meme Challenge" and Daniel uploaded "LVworld Video Challenge! Spy Ninjas Teach PZ9 How To Make DIY Funny Movies for Best Friends at Home" to the Exposing Project Zorgo LVworld channel, Chad got tricked into getting free V-Bucks from a stranger! Now Melvin, Regina, and I must go rescue him, as always! What else is new. We travel to his last known position as stated by daniel, but all we find is his bandana that he started wearing. It's gotta point us in the right direction towards Chad! Melvin has been acting quite strangely towards the rest of us. I hope it's not his hacker tendencies coming back again! On this mission, he really says some hurtful things about Daniel, and I don't like it, but still, he is a valuable member of the spy ninjas and can help us out in rescuing Chad. I wonder what Project Zorgo has in store for him now. Will we be able to get to him in time? Can Chad safely quit his addiction to the popular Fortnite Battle Royale game?
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  • Hey Spy Ninjas! Chad was captured by Project Zorgo hackers! Please keep an eye out for him...

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  • Vy I think a Hacker was following you

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  • I think the password to the code to the safe is six 911 1312 1819 345

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  • So the guy wearing the red shirt with the big beard Ashleigh said the CA word

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  • Melvin you’re such a bully

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  • At 11.23 y did vy do that chill

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  • When jb put the ionizer and the profirazezin i went boom there is a flashbox in the ionizer

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  • The DeLorean is haker proof if the hakers come closer on the DeLorean thar masks ring and no jaker can get in the DeLorean

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  • Chad is crazy Go Melvin

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  • If you saw pz9 and regena are holding hands

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  • Vy tell the spy nijas you are pregnant pleas now our I will tell project zorgo were your home is

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  • Chad went beast mode on those hackers

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  • i think vy and regina are right you can't talk about the spy ninjas like that and bullying maybe he could be jealous of daniel.

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  • 13:39 bruh why didnt regina stop the hacker when he was pouring the Porphyrazine in chad's mouth. And if you think im wrong regina was videoing the Porphyrazine going down chad's mouth.

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